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Welcome to NFG MC's rules page!
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Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute
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Chat Rules


  • No Spamming

  • No Harassing & Abusing Others

  • No Sharing Others Information

  • No Advertising or Promotion

  • No Racism, Discrimination or Hate Speech

  • No Death Threats & Suicide Encouragement

General Rules


  • No Abusing Unintentional Bugs

  • No Duplicating

  • No IRL Trading

  • No Cross Server Trading

  • No Finding Or Using The Seed

  • No Punishment Evasion

  • No Doxing, Swatting or DDosing

  • Report All Bugs, Glitches and Cheaters

Client Rules


  • No "Hacked" Cheat Clients

  • No Inventory Mods

  • No Movement Mods

  • No Radar (Includes Mob ESP/markers)

  • No Freecam

  • No Auto Place

  • No Macros/Scripts Or Automation Mods

Gamercraft Restrictions/policies/conduct


GamerCraft restricts some "normal" things in order to keep the gameplay hard or within RP

Online Staff
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Online Users
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