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Welcome to Network For Gamers
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NFG Logo

We are a gaming community welcoming everyone. We use our discord as a central place for our company and community.  We hope you enjoy your stay and make it a long one.

NFG offers a new kind of gaming experience for players

  • GamerCraft (beta) - This server offers new kinds of challenges for experienced players including leveling mobs, magic, specialized crafting and more.  Experience Minecraft like back when you were new to the game, where everything is scary, and everything can kill you.
  • Pendle (beta) - Need a more laid-back game experience?  Pendle is made for you plus we toss in a little tech to shake things up a bit.
  • Survivors Cavern (alpha) - The world has suffered an apocalypse and you can only survive underground.  There are other dimensions, but the environment and its inhabitants are hostile.
  • One Block (coming soon) - Do you love grinding?  This is the one for you!  Grind while hanging on by the skin of your teeth.  Don't fall, it's a long way down.
  • Creative - This is the perfect place to work out ideas before building them on any of our survival servers, or just build for fun.
  • More Game Modes Are Under Development - Check back frequently to see what is being worked on.
Gamercraft and its lesser known features
Gamercraft and its lesser known features
GamerCraft has many features throughout its gameplay, some of which are less known and some you will run into through normal gameplay. Here's a list of some of what makes GamerCraft special. Hoppers Hoppers do not require redstone sorters to...
2 minute read