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Gamercraft and its lesser known features
2 minute read

GamerCraft has many features throughout its gameplay, some of which are less known and some you will run into through normal gameplay. Here's a list of some of what makes GamerCraft special.


Hoppers do not require redstone sorters to sort items this can be done by simply renaming the hopper in a anvil.

EXAMPLE: stone,cobblestone

This would make the hopper only accept stone blocks and cobblestone blocks.  You can find any block material name or item material name by using F3+h to see advanced tooltips (Java Only).

Note: wildcards can be used like stone_* which would sort stone_slab, stone_bricks, stone_stairs, stone_pressure_plate, stone_button etc......

Swimming Horses

Tired of being thrown off your stallion every time you come across a puddle??? Fear not, they swim now.

Faster Paths

Tired of the slow slog from one side of your base to another?  Do you want to zip about like a speed demon?  Haul out your shovel, make some paths, and zip about.

Safe Leashes

It's a bird ... It's a plane ...  It's ... a flying llama?  Your flock will never beak their leashes again or take fall damage ... even while you are flying ...  Whoosh!

Slime in a Bucket

Do you need to know where the Slime chunks are?  Capture a Slime in a bucket, walk around and wait for Jerry to dance.

Shulker Packs

Open your shulkers mid-air. Ta-da!

Void Totem

Fall into the void and live ... and keep your inventory.

Wood Cutting

The stone cutter becomes even better.  Craft more wood blocks, where one log yields four stairs.

Welcome to Network For Gamers
Welcome to Network For Gamers
We are a gaming community welcoming everyone. We use our discord as a central place for our company and community.  We hope you enjoy your stay and make it a long one. NFG offers a new kind of gaming experience for players GamerCraft (beta) -...
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