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IGN: TheCodingHacker
29 days ago

Welcome the first entry to our forums!  We at Network For Gamers had a lot of feedback this month on our new Minecraft Network  servers.  Some of you are enjoying our Parkour server while others love our OneBlock, CaveBlock, and Realms servers.  Our team has put a lot effort into setting up and testing these servers and are still working out the remaining small bugs, so we hope you will be patient with us.

Our Parkour server has a new multi-player mode where you can go compete simultaneously with your friends.  We also have single player arenas where you can try to post the top scores on our leader boards.

On our OneBlock server most features are almost in place and ready for players to have a great time.  While we are still in beta-testing, we encourage our open beta testers to keep informing us about any issues.   We are grateful to them for helping us hunt down bugs as we have gone through this process.  Don't worry future players, we will be doing a full reset of all our servers on release.

CaveBlock is our newest game mode with many of the same features as OneBlock.  The difference here is players will be able to visit the Nether and the End with a few surprise features added.  This game mode is great for players who are looking for a good time with fellow players in a full-on survival cave experience.

Realms is a great place to play vanilla Minecraft.   Players can choose to experience survival or creative modes in a smaller world.

Some of our upcoming servers are Survival, Paintball, Duels, and many more to come.  If you would like to become one of our beta testers of our upcoming game modes see the link below. 

Finally we would like to extend a huge thank you to all the Network For Gamers Staff who have worked overtime to get this network ready for the public.  Without them players would not have this exciting new survival network.

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